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With US colleges staring at 25% drop in foreign students, lawmakers ask Donald Trump to ease immigration process

Foreigners constitute around 5.5% of students enrolling in US colleges and contributed over $41 billion to the economy in fiscal year 2019, the letter addressed to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf, said.

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Anti-immigration policies to negatively impact US economy: Study

“Many highly-skilled migrants work at established technology firms, but others work for or create smaller start-ups in the industry. Many of Silicon Valley’s top entrepreneurs, including the current CEOs of Google-Alphabet, Microsoft, and Tesla, are immigrants, and the founders of companies like Google and Apple are either children of immigrants or immigrants themselves,” said the paper.

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US technology firms to be impacted by possible Trump move to ban H-1B visas

US firms have been the key beneficiaries of the H-1B visa in recent years – seven of the top 10 in fiscal 19 were US headquartered tech firms. Indian companies meanwhile have worked at localising their talent mix in the US, reducing the number of H-1B visas they apply for each year.

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Four out of five H-1B visa holders get higher wages than US average: Study

The average offered wage for all 61,420 H-1B requesting employers in FY 2019 was $100,461, while the average prevailing wage determination for that skill level was $83,619, according to the analysis done by American think-tank Cato Institute. It contradicts a recent study by another US think-tank that had said 60% of H-1B workers are paid below the local median wage for the job.

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